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BMW X4 2019 price in india,launch in December or November,review and 4x image

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                             BMW X4

BMW X4 2019 price in india,launch in December or November,review and 4x image

➤The BMW X4 may have striking looks, but it’s not a path-breaking vehicle like its bigger sibling, the X6. It is quite simply a more compact version with a similiar upright stance and the all important coupe like sloping roof and lines. While its body style and design are clearly inspired by the X6, it is based on the X3, BMW’s popular mid-size SUV. Now if you are wondering why so many X’s in BMW’s portfolio, then it’s basically because of the growing global demand and sustained preference for SUV’s. This liking for SUVs has resulted in BMW expanding its X range that now includes the X1, X2, X3, X4, X5 and X6. Yes, a full half dozen of which four the X1, X3, X5 and X6, are already sold in India. The X4 which we just drove in the US should arrive in our country next year, and the X2 will surely follow. But if you think BMW are stopping at a half dozenyou are mistaken. The X7 is slated for its global launch next year, and will surely also make its way to India. BMW is clearly on a mission to ensure no niche is left unfilled.

BMW X4 2019 price in india,launch in December or November,review and 4x image
BMW X4 Back view 

The original BMW X4 was launched in 2014, but never made its way to our shores, possibly because BMW were focusing more on the larger X6. The new BMW X4 is based on the X3, buts it’s a very different looking machine.
In fact it’s also much longer, wider and less tall than its predecessor and has a broader track at the rear. All of which give the new BMW X4 very eye catching looks. This handsome SUV not only has a commanding presence, but also exudes style and emanates a sense of athleticism and muscular dynamism. The new stretched proportions and lower centre of gravity aid both the aerodynamics’ and handling in almost equal measure.

BMW X4 2019 price in india,launch in December or November,review and 4x image

The long sloping roofline is complemented by the prominent rising shoulder line and the strong character line between the wheel arches contributes in smartly breaking up this SUV’s flanks. All this play of lines and contoured surfaces results in conspicuous haunches that are additionally emphasized by the drawnin glasshouse at the rear. The side and rear styling look even more forceful due to the elevated boot lid and neat rear spoiler and the massive twin exhausts at the rear also eloquently articulate that the X4 is ever so willing to powerfully charge ahead. It’s almost as if the designers studied the crouching position of Olympian sprinters leaning forward in their starting blocks and then incorporated this into the styling of the BMW X4.

BMW X4 2019 price in india,launch in December or November,review and 4x image

Like in most BMW’s, the X4’s passenger compartment is well built and fairly similar to that in the X3. The cockpit has the driver focused layout which all enthusiasts like and
the low dash and instrument panel and slightly raised seating position, provide a very commanding view. The thick and sloping A-pillars do obstruct vision around turns, but the frontal visibility is excellent and enhances the driving experience. The smartly shaped seats hold you well and the assertively contoured side bolsters and knee pads on the sides of the centre console, adds to the sense of sportiness.

Unfortunately, the designers have not been as adventurous on the inside as they have been on the outside. Yes, while the exterior styling is flamboyant and bold, the passenger compartment looks ordinary and just like any other BMW. This is particularly disappointing because the designers have been so daring with the BMW X4’s body. It actually makes me wonder why the stylists adopted such a conservative approach with the interior. Was it costs and a desire to stick with what is already being used in other BMWs, particularly the X3, or something else?
But being BMW, they have ensured you drive and move in luxurious comfort by providing high-class
materials, good build quality and a host of features. Space at the front is excellent and thanks to the increase in overall length and longer wheelbase, the rear seat is comfortable too. The 525 litres of boot space, which can be increased to 1,430 litres by folding down the seats etc, is also much better and all this has made the X4 a more practical family vehicle than before. The BMWX4 comes with as many three petrol and four diesel engines ranging in power output from 186PS to 365PS. All may not be offered in India, but there will surely be enough choice of petrol and diesel power plants to meet our market requirements. Power plants that have a proven record of being popular like the 2.0 litre diesel should of course be offered in the BMW X4 along with some of the more powerful engines to cater to performance enthusiasts. Engines in all variants are mated with a fast and smooth shifting eightspeed Steptronic transmission with shift paddles and the BMW xDrive allwheel drive that provides considerable amounts of grip and allows one to tackle turns with huge confidence, is also standard. As is to be expected, the X4 is fairly fast and very stable and composed at high speeds. The engines deliver their power in an enthusiastic manner and drivability is good too.

BMW X4 2019 price in india,launch in December or November,review and 4x image

One of the styling elements that enhanced my driving experience were the ridges in the bonnet. The twin ridges don’t just look good, but when you are behind the wheel, you can also use the one that is in front of you, though slightly offset, as a marker to align the X4 with the road.

Our driving experience consisted of a scenic drive from South Carolina to North Carolina, through a twisty and thickly forested mountain road that climbed up to 3,000 feet. We also drove the new BMW X4 on the test track and skidpad at BMW’s manufacturing plant in Spartanburg, and one thing that is pleasantly surprising is how agile this SUV actually is. It feels far smaller and despite its weight and size, its driving dynamics and overall performance are really impressive.

BMW X4 2019 price in india,launch in December or November,review and 4x image

What’s also remarkable is the BMW X4’s ride quality, especially in comfort mode. It is truly comfortable and the chassis and suspension has obviously been refined and honed for the specific requirements of both comfort and sharp handling which obviously gets even keener in sport mode. In fact this is something we are increasingly beginning to see in BMW’s; they now fortunately ride much better without compromising on the handling. Some X4 models like the M Performance ones come equipped as standard with

specially designed M Sport brakes and an M Sport differential, which generates a precise locking effect at the rear wheels to help the car power out of corners with a refreshing amount of oversteer. Yes, the nanny can be now tamed and you can hang the tail out and have more fun than the electronic driving aids allowed before.

At the same time, BMW have also increased the range of comfortand safety-enhancing driver assistance systems. The ‘Driving Assistant Plus’ includes active cruise control with stop & go function, the steering and lane control assistant, the lane keeping assistant with active side collision protection, and the crossing traffic warning and crossroads warning systems. As India is still far from ready for these technologies due to our terribly poor driving conditions and discipline, it’s unlikely that we will see all these being introduced here. And even if they are, then their utility will be severely limited. But all the new digital services from BMW Connected Drive offering interfaces, with smartphones, smartwatches and voice-controlled personal assistants, etc, should be a hit with our tech savvy generation. BMW also says it’s the first carmaker to offer a secure sewer connection for exchanging and editing emails, calendar entries and contact details thanks to the Microsoft thce 365 function, which users can select!

This is not an SUV you buy because of its practicality. This one is all about style and feeling good that you possess a machine with a muscular character and dynamic driving capabilities. If you are the sensible sort, then the more conventional BMW X3 could be your preferred choice. But if you desire something more adventurous and like brave styling, the X4 is certainly for you. Yes, the BMW X4 is a lifestyle vehicle that is an emotional purchase, but not necessarily a sensible one. When it’s launched here in 2019, expect it to be priced slightly higher (easily over 50 lakhs) than the BMW X3 on which it is based. As far as I am concerned, it’s a great choice for someone looking for a unique and stylish SUV that not only
has plenty of aesthetic appeal but also offers oodles of driving fun.

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➤Production KTM 390 Adventure I'kely to debut at end 2018 motorshows ahead of India launch. New spy shots show what to expect.

About KTM 390 Adventure

The KTM 390 Adventure, designed for touring and light off-roading was expected
to be the third derivative of the KTM-Bajaj platform that powers everything from the KTM 200 Duke and Bajaj Pulsar 200NS to the KTM 390 Duke and the RC390 sportsbike. This was announced when KTM India had just entered India. The Adventure project was shelved, probably because the platform could not yield a motorcycle that met KTM’s performance requirements. Roughly three years ago, KTM restarted the Adventure project, now based on the updated platform that powers the current KTMs 390 Duke and 250 Duke.

In 2016, OVER WHEEL exclusively got confirmation that the 390 Adventure was headed to production with 2019 as the launch date. Now, KTM India has confirmed that the new motorcycle is coming in the next calendar year. That’s a long history butthis is a motorcycle that Indian enthusiasts have waited a long time for, and the demand for it as well as the buzz surrounding it has proved resilient, The production KTM 390 Adventure is likely to be revealed at the Intermot motorcycle show in Cologne in early October 2018. KTM prefers adventure touring motorcycles to take the centre stage at Cologne, and saves its road bikes for the EICMA show in Milan that opens doors a month later.
These spy shots show a motorcycle that appears pretty close to production. The most obvious element of the 390 Adventure is the engine. The test bike’s engine is clearly based on the current 390 Duke. We are expecting the 43.5PS, 373cc fuel-injected single to power the 390 Adventure. KTM could lower the hrst and second gear ratios for off-road riding and it could also (or just) change the front and rear sprocket ratio to create a dramatically different motorcycle. A touring bike needs to offer a comfortable high-speed cruise, something the current KTM 390 Duke handles quite smoothly so major changes may not be needed.


The frame shows how the new motorcycle is being designed for its touring/off-road goal. The front wheel is taller, a 19-inch spoked rim with tubed Metzeler Tourance tyres. While a 21-incher is considered best for off-roading, it also dramatically cuts road feedback and makes road-riding more vague. The rear wheel is a 17-inch spoked rim. This suggests a road bike with mild off-roading ability. Tubed tyres are still very common for off-roaders, especially since spoked rims for tubeless tyres are significantly more expensive. The test mule sits taller and has more ground clearance. We expect that both the front and rear suspension will offer a small but effective increases in wheel travel that will help the bike ride more softly in general but take bigger hits from road and off-road terrain, and continue to hold the line and keep the rider comfortable. The placement of the front wheel on an offset axle and the longer forks also suggest a longer wheelbase better for stability and slightly slower steering geometry than the 390 Duke.

Visually, the KTM 390 Adventure borrows elements from many KTM Adventure series bikes but the switches, screen, mirrors, handguards and headlight look like the current KTM 390 Duke’s units. The fuel tank could be slightly larger and the seating position for rider and pillion appear slightly sporty but generally the sort of comfortable, upright configuration that touring motorcycles tend to use.

KTM India will launch this motorcycle sometime in 2019, we expect to see in in showroom by May or June. Given the way the motorcycle leverages the aggregates from current KTM India product lines, we would expect the price to fall within Rs25-30,000 above the KTM 390 Duke, which is roughly Rs2.65-2.8 lakh ex-showroom. The KTM’s most high-buzz competitor for the moment is the BMW G 310 GS which is on sale at Rs3.49 lakh (ex-showroom).

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TESLA MODEL S P100D Supercar in electric phenom.

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                   TESLA MODEL S P100D

TESLA MODEL S P100D Supercar in electric phenom.

✱Full throttle,for a moment, in the electric                    phenom.

  1.  TYPE:-Single-speed dual electric motors 100kWh.     battery.
  2.   MAX POWER:-503PS@6,150rpm(electric)
  3.   Kerb Weight :- 2,241Kg
  4.   Top Speed :- 250kmph*
  5.   Range :- 500Km*
  6.   Price :- ₹ 92 lakh(approx)
  7.   OD Rating :-★★★★★


You never are ready for it. When you floor the gas pedal on the Tesla Model S P100D, it floors you back. Into your seat. Hard. There is no sound to let you know how hard you’re accelerating and the feeling is scary. It makes you giggle. Like when the girl crossing the road nearly gets hit by an SUV and reacts with a giggle. That giggle. But Sasha was not giggling. She was a bit concerned. Because I had floored the gas pedal without warning on a Montreal side street. “I will let you know when it’s safe to do that.” I nodded. “If you do things like that, I’m sorry to say, I’ll have to ask you to step out of the vehicle.” I suppose the big, huge smile she said that with suggests that I was not the first person to try and find the first place to floor the Tesla Model S.

TESLA MODEL S P100D Supercar in electric phenom.

But why would you do it any different? The Model S’ claim to fameis its acceleration and silent ferocity. It accelerates from 0 to 100 kmph in 2.5 seconds and has a range of 500km too! I drove the Model X yesterday but the traffic prevented me from really flooring the gas pedal. Today was that that day though.

TESLA MODEL S P100D Supercar in electric phenom.
Inner view
 About a kilometre later, Sasha asked me to slow to a stop at the stop sign and wait for trafflc ahead to move on. She helpfully put her hand out to let traffic behind two cars know that we were going to take a moment longer than expected. And she said, “Whenever you’re ready!”

The force of the acceleration is epic. The car leaps ahead silently but the speed arrives very, very rapidly indeed. You’re pressed hard into the seat the Bugatti Veyron I drove years ago leaps into my mind for reference. Except that its silent. In the two seconds I had the throttle no, energy pedal buried in the firewall, I couldn’t focus on the speedo or the meters it’s that kind of quick.

Ride Quality 

After that, the drive was, as you can imagine, normal. The Tesla Model S is silent and easy to drive. Ride quality is considerably better than the Model X thanks to more normal wheels and a different tune for the air suspension. I’d gotten used to the braking feel when you lift off the throttle and I was able to drive our route without really having to use the brake to slow for anything.

What I did miss was the vastly more airy feel of the Model X that its “helicopter windscreen” gives it.

But without getting into the safety aspects, the autonomous driving discussion or the price and availability issues all of which I am sure you will read about here and there the Tesla Model S is spectacular. Not in shape, but in feel. The silent ferocity, the utterly normal-feeling cabin apart from the giant screen... it’s a real glimpse of a real future car, today. It’s a pity India doesn’t officially have the Teslas on sale already.

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2018 FORD ECOSPORT S, First Impressions.

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                                                            2018 FORD ECO SPORT-S

FOED is clearly not resting on its laurels. Just six months after launching the thoroughly updated Eco Sport, it has given the SUV yet another update. The Eco Sports family has a new range-topper now, dubbed the Disport S. Minor cosmetic tweaks and new sunroof aside, the Eco Sport S marks the return of Ford’s 1.0-litre Eco-boost engine, this time mated to a new six-speed gearbox. Here’s what it is like to drive.

overview of car

What's new?

Exterior changes include a blackened grille, smoked HID headlights, black inserts for the fog lamps and sportier looking 17-inch alloys for a more upmarket look. Another important addition is the sunroof which elevates the feel, along with the gloss black roof and roof rails. Interiors sport orange accents on the seats, door panels and dashboard which look nice. The instrument cluster’s design has been revised as well

and the clocks look more appealing now, especially with the new 4.2-inch multi-information display nestled in between. The 8.0-inch touchscreen for the infotainment system remains unchanged though and delights with its crisp resolution and excellent touch sensitivity while offering Apple Car Play and Android Auto connectivity.


How is it to drive?

The 1.0-litre turbocharged Eco Boost petrol engine offers 125PS and 170Nm just like before. The three-pot motor revs quickly, with barely any turbo lag, and offers a smooth feel throughout. Performance is linear, with just a little hint of stress at the red line, while adequately spaced ratios ensure you don’t need to work the gearbox too much. Quality of shifts is impressive too, as gears slot in better. The sixth cog should add to the EcoSport’s highway manners, helping it stretch its legs better. Claimed efficiency is 18.1kmpl and Ford also claims CO2 emissions for the engine

are 12 per cent lower than conventional four-cylinder engines. The Eco Sport S is also being offered with the 1.5--1itre, four-cylinder diesel offering 100PS, though that engine comes mated to a five-speed manual transmission only.

Media display 
First impressions

The Eco Sport has done well for Ford since its debut in 2013 and last year’s update brought it right back into the sub-4-metre SUV game. The updated styling on the Eco Sports S are subtle but work well in elevating its upmarket feel while the 1.0-1itre Eco Boost engine and new transmission make it more engaging to drive. On the whole, the Eco Sports S is a well-packaged offering for someone wanting a feature-rich sub-4-metre SUV. It is priced at Rs 11.37 lake ex-showroom New Delhi for the petrol, while the diesel retails at Rs 11.89 Lark. The pricing might sound premium, but for the price, you also get a lot of equipment, and the S should help Ford in extending its reach in the sub-4-metre SUV segment further.

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       Lineup includes  C200 petrol, C220d and C300d diesels and Mercedes-AMG C 43 4Matic+

MERCEDES-BENZ India has confirmed that the facelifted Mercedes-Benz C-Class line up will launch in India around October. The range will consist of four models starting with the 184PS/280Nm C200 petrol with EG boost, which adds a 14PS/160Nm kick. Then there is the 194PS/4oon C22od diesel, the more powerful 245PS/500Nm C3ood diesel, and the high-performance
390PS/520Nm Mercedes-AMG C 43 4Matic+. This new C-Class is a significant mid-life upgrade over the current car so a mild price hike over the present car can be expected.

Exterior changes include sportier design elements at the front and rear, redesigned LED headlamps, new light alloy wheels, and new colour options. The interior gets a larger 10.25-inch display for infotainment and a new stereo system which sits between the old standard unit and the top-spec Burmester setup.

A new S-Class inspired multifunction steering wheel with touch control buttons, open-pore trim elements and new colors for the mood lighting round off the changes inside. The all-digital instrument cluster has been revised as well, but it is not known if all the new C-Class trims and models will get that feature in India.

Only BS Vl diesel now

Mercedes-Benz has announced that all the new diesel models it launches in India will be BS VI compliant. It started this practice with the facelifted S-Class launched earlier in 2018. All these BS V1 cars will be compatible with regular BS IV diesel available in pumps.

Making electrics here.  
In line with the government’s plan to shift to green mobility, the company is also exploring the manufacture of future
electric vehicles (EVS) at its facility here in Chakan, Pune. There, however, are
still challenges including robust charging infrastructure for EVS.